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No specific requirements. 4.3 Mechanical requirements Calculations or tests shall be performed to demonstrate the mechanical suitability of equipment terminals for specified loading combinations of conductor systems in which the equipment is to be applied. 4.4 Climatic and environmental conditions

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Where formal quality control processes are in place relaxation to 3.4 mm and 1.7 mm is allowed, but reinforced insulation is then subjected to 100% electric strength testing. If an air gap serves as the insulator between a hazardous voltage and the enclosure, the required clearance is 10 mm. Creepage Distances Table 17.1 Safe limit of approach distances from overhead power lines for persons and equipment (appears as Schedule 4 in the OHS Code) Operating voltage between conductors of overhead power line . Safe limit of approach distance for persons and equipment . 0-750 volts . Insulated or polyethylene covered conductors (1) 300 millimetres . 0-750 volts

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It is the minimum clearance required between the live conductors and maintenance operators limit_

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Tunnel ventilation fans, classically, must have the ability to both supply and extract air from a tunnel system, with the operator's choice dependent on the tunnel ventilation system's operating mode most appropriate at any given point in time. Consequently, tunnel ventilation fans must incorporate a reversible aerodynamic design which limits the maximum fan pressure rise. This paper presents ... ensure the safety of both workers and road users. These requirements are in line with what is being taught at the barrier course. 5.3 Risk Management (section amended) For all works undertaken for or on behalf of any road authority, in situations where application of the minimum requirements of this Code is not appropriate (for instance due to

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2. The minimum clearances to be maintained between. conductors, and between conductor and tower. to the outermost conductor. 4. The mid-span clearance required. However, it is ensured that under the minimum temperature and maximum wind conditions, the sag of the ground wire does...