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Abstract: Today the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) hardware is arguably one of the most successful security hardware that is cheap and widely available. Currently, over 100 million PC client laptops and desktops have shipped with a TPM (version 1.2), with analysts estimating that by 2010 this number to be over 200 million.

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See if there is any item that does not exist as the image below shows. If there is, it is suggested that you reinstall your Windows. d) If you found Remote Procedure Call (RPC) was not correctly set when you tried method 1, you can edit Start registry key in RpcSs path. Double click on Start to edit its value. Set its value data to 2. Trusted Platform Module Library Part 1: Architecture 1. Scope. This specification defines the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) a device that enables trust in computing platforms in general. This specification is broken into parts to make the role of each part clear.

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Aug 28, 2014 · Hi, Thanks for reply. Actually in local (vs 2012) my code works properly.But when i host this in IIS try to run .svc it says key set does not exist.I have created certificate using IIS not through the command.

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There does not seem to exist sample code for C# (yet) however there is some sample C++ code that demonstrates what you want: void Samples::RsaEncryptDecrypt() { Announce("RsaEncryptDecrypt"); // This sample demostrates the use of the TPM for RSA operations. // We will make a key in the "null hierarchy".

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So what is a Trusted Platform Module anyway? The TPM is a physical chip placed on newer motherboards that stores security keys such as those for disk encryption with BitLocker. If your motherboard doesn't have a TPM chip or the current BIOS level or driver isn't working properly, TPM...