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The TRIKOFLEX drum washing machine is utilised when fabrics exhibit high [...] [...] of dwelling; type of water sources and sanitation; type of fuel for cooking; electricity, radio, television, mobile, phone, refrigerator, electric water heater, table, chair, mirror, washing machine, vacuum cleaner

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The drum capacity of a washing machine is measured by the net weight of dry clothes that you can wash in one cycle. This is usually slightly less than the Usually washing machine drum capacities range from 5 kg to about 12 kg, and the size you buy depends entirely on your particular needs based...How to clean a washing machine: we show you how to banish bad odours and prevent limescale building up inside your washing machine. Any trapped debris should run out with the trapped water, but check inside the cavity to be sure. Wipe around with a cloth, clean any components and...

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Top Loader Washing Machine Tip: Only Use Vinegar. Homemade Washer Cleaner Trick. Let your top load washer run on its hottest setting with nothing inside. Make sure the largest load setting is selected. Then, add three to four cups of white vinegar to the water and allow it to mix into the water...

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Mar 13, 2020 · Most washing machines aren’t designed to be packed anywhere near to the top before starting the cycle so ensure that there is still plenty of room in the drum. Overfilling is a common occurrence with people trying to get a lot of washing done at once so if you’re close to being full, just split it up into two loads.

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Apr 07, 2020 · Just as a race car driver is propelled to the far edges of a circular track while in motion, clothing in a washing machine is pushed to the edge of the barrel because the force of motion repels the center of the machine. Water is thrown out of the fabric at high-speeds as this force of motion propels out of the fabric.