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Zuko joins the Gaang at the western air temple but is trusted quickly after past trauma is revealed in his nightmares. The Gaang realizes how much Zuko really needs their help. Trigger warnings: Proceed with caution, please read all tags and notes. Follow me on Tumblr for upload and posting details @Firelord-Eva. Series. Part 1 of Zuko's ...

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It’s also possible that I missed some fics as, again, they are kinda hard to get a hold of. I literally had to block the Zuko tag at one point bc if Zuko was a character in the fic, it was going to be about Zuko, and it was just a lot to wade through to find that one fic where Zuko was a character but wasn’t the main character. She's really not very happy with Zuko when he tries to join the Gaang. Justified by Zuko's past in the Avatar hunting business and his betrayal at the end of Book 2. Species Surname: Used for an alias. When infiltrating the Fire Nation, Sokka and Katara pose as the native-born citizen Wang Fire and his wife Sapphire. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Trans Zuko (Avatar) - Works | Archive of Our Own Main Content

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Relationships: Sokka/Zuko (Avatar), Aang/Katara (Avatar), Katara & Zuko (Avatar) Characters: The Gaang (Avatar), Iroh (Avatar) Additional Tags: Reverse Fake Relationship Trope, Zuko and Katara fake relationship, zuko and katara are bffs, major friendship vibes, teens/young adults acting like teens/young adults, Fluff and Angst, But mostly fluff ...

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When ten-year-old Zuko's life was on the line, Ursa killed Ozai and Azulon and left Iroh with a nation to rule, a war to end, and two children to raise. Six years later, Zuko and Azula get sent on a diplomatic mission to the Southern Water Tribe. (Zuko still joined the gaang, but only after Azula killed Iroh, while Mai and Ty Lee also betrayed Azula, but Azula killed them as well.) The story begins with an equivalent to the web game Escape from the Spirit World , only it takes place two years after the fall of Ba Sing Se, well after the comet came and the Fire Nation essentially won the ...

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I Wrote A Thing Hi, I guess I write fanfic now. Right now I'm stuck on ATLA, so right now that's what most of my content will be related to! also am a she-ra fiend. she/her